Food | Elske Photography


We smell, taste, eat, drink and enjoy it. We celebrate life in enjoying food. Food is the wonderful world of the human race. We can’t live without it and that is what food photography is all about.

I simply love this medium, every little juice, sauce, texture must be captured to show the whole dish. Clients such as Doppio Zero, Husky, Ideas Magazine, Tsogo Sun, Nkuku Box, Vibe Bistro, will verify that their product was well captured, they achieved their marketing goal and people are more than satisfied when they eat the food after they have seen the image on a menu or in a magazine.

We have done all the food photography for the McCains Children’s cookbook. The book was launched in 2011 for all our little chefs needs and was distributed in all much loved magazines.

Food Photography is passion, a specialized field and we are well experienced to capture the food as an image and make you feel hungry and taste curious after seeing the image. Using available light contributes in getting those taste buds running, through my lens. I was rewarded a Sony Profoto award for Food in 2009.